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Empass Healthcare, Inc., and United Way of New York City Partner to Expand Healthcare Access Across New York State

New York City, NY – June 8, 2023 – Empass Healthcare, Inc., a leading healthcare provider, has entered a strategic partnership with United Way of New York City, a renowned nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of vulnerable New Yorkers. This collaboration aims to enhance access to vital healthcare services and empower individuals across the state of New York to prioritize patient health. The two will pool their resources, knowledge, and networks to address healthcare disparities and expand access to non-emergency services.

The partnership is a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, as the two organizations join forces to address the pressing healthcare challenges faced by impoverished and underserved communities. By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, the collaboration seeks to impact the well-being of individuals and families in need.

Since 2018, through their subsidiary, VIP StarNETWORK, Empass Healthcare has built a strong reputation as a trusted provider through a patient-centered comprehensive range of medical solutions. Through their partnership with UWNYC, Empass will offer a variety of clinical services, including but not limited to patient immunizations and health screenings and testing to mobilize healthcare accessibility as a premier provider.

United Way of New York City, a longstanding champion of community development, has been instrumental in supporting individuals and families through a wide array of social initiatives. Through programs in education, health, financial stability, and much more, UWNYC has successfully spearheaded numerous programs to address systemic challenges and improve the overall quality of life for vulnerable New Yorkers. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, the organization has consistently driven positive change in communities across the State.

“United Way of New York City is committed to improving access to preventative healthcare and addressing health disparities in historically underserved communities. Our partnership with Empass Healthcare, Inc. amplifies and reconfirms our efforts to expand access to vital services. This alliance strengthens our ability to empower New Yorkers to take control of their health. Together we can foster healthier communities and improve lives across all five boroughs,” stated Grace Bonilla, President and CEO of United Way of New York City.

“Bringing care to communities that are under-insured or uninsured is a major goal of our work,” added Michelle Drayton, RN, MPH, VP for Health Equity at the United Way of New York City.

Pediatric Medical Director, Sandra Bonat, M.D. for Empass Healthcare added,

“Our partnership with United Way of New York City will help improve access to primary healthcare services which is extremely important in achieving health equity.”

Johonniuss Chemweno, Chairman and CEO of Empass Healthcare, expressed a firm dedication to promoting health equity among New Yorkers. Through a collaborative effort with United Way of New York City, Empass Healthcare aims to address healthcare disparities using a holistic approach. Access to healthcare is a key focus for the organization, and the partnership with United Way reinforces their commitment to tackling these issues throughout New York City. For more information about Empass Healthcare and UWNYC, please visit and/or

About Empass Healthcare, Inc.

Empass Healthcare, Inc. is a leading healthcare provider committed to delivering exceptional medical services and promoting the well-being of individuals. With a patient-centered approach, Empass Healthcare, Inc. offers comprehensive healthcare solutions and innovative treatment options through mobilizing clinical services and technology solutions. To learn more, visit Empass Healthcare, Inc.’s website.

About United Way of New York City

For 85 years, United Way of New York City (UWNYC) has been at the forefront in the fight to ensure New Yorkers live with dignity no matter their zip code by taking on the toughest challenges and creating new solutions to old problems. We win by helping families shift from barely surviving to thriving. We unite by mobilizing the best ideas, relevant data, internal and external experts, and resources. UWNYC maximizes impact by coordinating and aligning service providers, companies, local government, and New Yorkers to help families eliminate barriers and gain the agency to improve their lives for the better. To learn more, visit United Way of New York City’s website.

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Charmin White | Empass Healthcare, Inc., Marketing, Content Manager

Nick Mansour | United Way of New York City, Communications Associate, Health Equity Unit